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Construction Coatings


The foundation of DECO’s core business was built on construction. We perfected the art of tight scheduling without losing quality in our methods and final product delivery. No job or project is ever the same which pushes us to be creative in our project delivery methods. DECO is the tried and trusted construction coatings specialists; just mention our name and our stellar reputation precedes us.

Construction coatings are imperative to the longevity and safety of buildings, city infrastructure, transportation systems, airports, sports stadiums, pharmaceutical factories, and most major construction projects in general. Construction coatings range from small detail pieces in a large infrastructure project, to large steal beams. DECO Coatings does in-shop and on-site coatings, depending on the size and specs of the pieces.


Open collaboration within the management team allows for each key personnel to understand what projects are going on and what is needed for each day and from each team member. We utilize whiteboards throughout the office and shop, allowing personnel to see schedules and encourage forward thinking. Our technicians are always thinking minutes to days ahead.


DECO works with engineers and specifiers to collaborate on coating systems that can be shop-applied to a final field finish. Proactive discussions are key: conversations must include the Owner, Engineer, Manufacturer Rep, Fabricator, Shop Coater, and Field Contractor for best success. This important part of communication before any work is begun helps to clearly convey the schedule, duration of work, and any potential cure/handling issues.

DECO Coatings work from concept to completion, with Engineers and Specifiers in meetings each project. We start with discussions and end with a beautiful final product.
Structural specialty coatings are implemented is high design architecture such as metal and glass buildings.


Some of the benefits of pre-finishing construction items in a shop are:

  • Better control over the quality and consistency of the finish. The shop environment is more conducive to applying coatings or other finishes than the field. More options may be available for different coating systems providing better asset protection.
  • Less risk of damage or contamination to the finish during transportation and installation. The items are protected by packaging or wrapping.
  • Faster and easier installation process. The items are ready to use and may not require additional finishing work on site.
  • Reduced waste and emission. The shop can recycle or dispose of the excess materials more efficiently than the field.
  • Improve onsite safety.  Reducing onsite workers by eliminating or reducing the field applications of coatings. Safer handling within the shop as opposed to painting onsite.

Fast Response. Customized Solutions.

DECO services are flexible to accommodate many coating challenges. Unforeseen problems often arise from construction, such as receiving the wrong primed materials, provision of wrong color, or corroded metal within an existing structure. Our fast and acute response is what sets us apart from other coatings specialists in the construction industry. We have customized solutions that range from repainting over powder finished material to meet a certain color request to sandblasting metal to properly clean or repair/repaint metal surfaces.

Liquid Coatings in a fire protection piping room.

DECO Coatings Services Accommodate Many Areas of Construction:

  • Structural Steel
  • Safety Rails & Miscellaneous Metals
  • Sprinkler Lines, Fire Pump Equipment
  • Process Piping, Pumps, Tanks
  • Stairs, Handrails
  • DOT Pilings
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Previous DECO Coatings Construction Projects Include:

White River State Park Amphitheater

16th Tech Pedestrian Bridge

Indianapolis Airport Authority

FedEx Indy Hub Expansion


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