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Emergency Services

DECO Coatings offers Emergency Coating Services & Problem Resolutions to solve coating engineering challenges with trade secret solutions.

The risk assessment for managing a schedule in crisis is one thing, but worse yet, liquidated damages are treacherous. Time has always been money in the construction industry. Leaner budgets and accelerated schedules are needed to meet demands of owners, as a back order/trade failing to meet deadlines can act as a domino effect that turns into an avalanche. The cause factor takes second seat to the 911 resolution imperative for NOW. 

“Sometimes things go wrong along the way and deadlines cannot be extended. That’s why we offer emergency services that get the job done overnight and over the weekend or holiday, whenever your emergency may appear.”

-DECO Coatings

DECO Coatings offers Emergency Services to get the project moving forward fast-track.  When pro-active turns to re-active, DECO’s Emergency Service rapid team of experts are ready to solve your problem.  Detailed documentation from the first visit will allow all parties to reconstruct a debriefing as the project moves forward. 

DECO has the capacity and capability to quickly assesssubmit a written plan, and mobilize operations rapidly with expert precision.