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Steel Coatings


Steel coatings are found in every industry. Most commonly, steel coatings are used in large super structures such as Airports, Water/Wastewater Treatment Areas, Automotive Plants, Food Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Facilities. Specialty coatings are needed in order to protect the steel from corrosion and/or be aesthetic pleasing. They may also be installed for fire protection reasons.

Toughest and Most Durable Steel Coatings

Experience the power of our specialized coatings! With meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control, we create lasting, exquisite finishes. Our controlled environment ensures flawless installations, while rigorous evaluations of project specifications enable us to verify product performance. Additionally, we showcase the stunning appearance of our coatings through meticulously constructed samples.

At DECO, we understand that certain steel coatings must meet specific thickness requirements, but we go beyond that. Before embarking on any project, we thoroughly assess the entire process plan, guaranteeing architectural perfection from start to finish. Trust DECO for exceptional coatings that exceed your expectations

Aesthetics, Like Durability, Matter.

It’s not enough for steel coatings to simply “do the job” when they are a visible part of the structure. Moreover, many of our projects function as visual and artistic structures, even though the steel coatings are primarily needed for safety and structural longevity. Big cities are focusing more and more on making the new infrastructure not just to be functional, but to be pleasing to the eye as well. 

With our coatings and processes, we ensure that functionality is as important as the visual beauty of the steel coatings. Think of welcome bridges when entering new cities and towns, outdoor amphitheaters and Airports, structures that serve as a welcome point for any community; these coatings will have long lasting impressions for visitors.

Food & Pharmaceutical Specialities

Some projects require extra special skill, specific products, and processes due to safety issues such as human consumption and health requirements. In some cases we need to be aware of being USDA compliant; in other situations, we must take special care to protect the privacy and security of areas in which we are working. 

The DECO Coating Nerds are interested in learning how the coatings will live and in the manner in which they will be exposed in the final environment. In some cases, depending on the special environment, an equivalent product may be needed. We ask the questions and clarify our scope of work to ensure the end results will meet the coating needs.

UV and Heat Protection

Shield your outdoor steel structures from the elements with our reliable coatings. Our UV protection formulations safeguard against harmful sun rays, while the durability of our coatings ensures resilience in harsh weather conditions, including snow, salt environments, and hurricanes. By fortifying your asset with our corrosion-resistant coatings, you not only enhance its longevity but also reduce the need for frequent maintenance in the future.

Rely on our coatings to extend the useful life of your outdoor steel structures and enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are well-protected against nature’s toughest challenges.

We apply specialty outdoor coatings for structural steel that protects against corrosion, harsh salt environments, and damage from UV.

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