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Original Equipment Manufacturer Coatings


Original Equipment Manufacturer Coatings

Real people. Real knowledge. Real experience.  

Why Choose DECO Coatings for Original Equipment Manufacture Coatings

DECO Coatings utilizes the latest technology and best practices for application and customer service. We excel in quick turnaround, tracking, and traceability. We are full service to make the customer’s experience like pushing the easy button. 


Value engineering is provided so that we work directly with the customer to find ways to uncover cost savings without cutting corners and affecting quality. DECO Management is trained in the latest coating technologies to resolve discontinued material products and eliminations. By recording lessons learned and best practice methods, DECO has a vast catalog of past performance and solutions.

DECO Coatings provides specialized coatings to support all large airline operations. From passenger boarding bridges to luggage tugs to fueling equipment, DECO protects and maintains assets.


DECO works with OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and other machining shops to properly prep and coat their manufactured equipment and assemblies. Whether it is small or large batch run, DECO services are flexible and nimble enough to meet the demands of many orders.

As a business in a niche industry, DECO Coatings’ ability to respond quickly and promptly to quick-turnaround projects is unmatched. From initial contact to pricing, we work to deliver solutions in less than 48 hours response time. Actual production times will vary depending on project scope and magnitude of work.

“Due to the nature of OEM requirements and specificities problems may arise. DECO has a saying in our team, ‘bad news does not get better with time.’ We approach problems always with a solution in mind.”

-Laura English, VP Business Operations

Why Deco

Liquid Paint / Wet Paint vs. Powder Coating

Most describe liquid or wet paints as being a thinner type of coating than powder coating. Nothing can be further from the truth, with DECO applied liquid/wet paint coatings. Not only are DECO liquid/wet paint coatings thicker, but… 

  • Touch-ups are easy to create and apply
  • Chipping and cracking is reduced (via enhanced protection of the part)
  • DECO liquid/Wet paint coatings protective barrier provide a better rust barrier
  • Color selection is near limitless
After complete fabrication at an industrial factory, the painter coats a steel structure at the shop before transportation of pieces.

Why Original Equipment Manufactures Love Working with DECO for Their Projects

Companies love DECO for our traceability and “the easy button” philosophy. From product receiving to final packaging, our processes are 100% traceable. Our team will communicate with the designated OEM point of contact with daily or weekly updates as needed, in order to keep OEM operations moving smoothly and quickly. 

Painting and shipping (which is where DECO comes into the plan) is the last stop before OEM pieces and parts arrive to the customer, so it has to be right. Most Original Manufacturing Equipment has very individual and detailed needs that are specific to each piece. We understand this; we serve this need.

From coil springs to landing gear, and any other OEM parts, we work with our customer to get the job done right and to get it done within a tight deadline. Budgeting time and money are necessary aspects of any successful business, which is why we create a plan that fits the needs of our customers at every level. At DECO Coatings, we love solving challenges and happily do it daily!

Container trailer frame and chassis leaf springs suspension system and pneumatic brake line.
DECO Coatings performs specialty coatings on automotive parts.

How Deco Develops projects for OEM

How DECO helps with original equipment manufacture (OEM) projects

DECO Coatings supports OEM customers as a single source for product preparation and finishing through wet paint applications. We provide quick turnaround, and our process time eliminates log jams. 

When DECO is coating for the automotive industry, parts such as mechanical bracing, battery cases for EV vehicles, and framing is a niche that we handle with care.

Extra space is available to accommodate overruns and support supply chain constraints.

“One call does it all! With a detailed and quality-minded approach we will communicate any finish issues and create a proactive solution to maintain delivery schedules.”

Janet South – President DECO Coatings

Why Deco

DECO Operates in the Field of OEM in a Very Unique Way

DECO delivers options customized to fit customer needs. Our processes are flexible and nimble to accommodate quick product color changes, and even sequence changes. Our response times are quick: we have the ability to change out paint systems and product types with little disruption.  

OEM Projects with DECO Coatings are also unique because we…

  • Work with specially formulated coatings, offering customers the widest range of colors and custom paint matches available. 
  • Do pre-treatment and painting on a wide variety of materials to produce high quality finishes and premium durability for both protective and decorative purposes. 
  • Offer quick-dry paint options.
  • Understand specific needs in creating solutions for shipping protection.
Close-up up orange suspension parts.
DECO can provide customized shipping protection.

Types of OEM / Assembly Part Coatings Applied
  • Fast dry primers
  • Wet on wet applications
  • Zinc primers
  • Epoxy base
  • Urethanes
  • 1K or 2K materials
Previous OEM / Assembly Parts Projects
  • Chassis Leaf Springs
  • Suspension Kits
  • Coil springs
  • Landing Gear
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment

Examples of DECO OEM Projects



How DECO provides services for OEM in manufacturing

DECO has decades of experience as Coating Nerds. For our customers, we review the specification and offer alternatives that are compliant and available for the project timeline, helping to ease supply chain challenges. 

We work with our suppliers to offer the latest coating technologies and develop a customer OEM paint system tailored to the customer’s needs.  Whether it is heavy equipment or material handling, or anything in between, DECO prepares and coats a vast variety of components.


Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is a standardized procedure commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industry. It is a crucial resource for automotive manufacturers to communicate, approve, and validate production processes before, during, and after manufacturing. 

DECO understands the elements involved with PPAP and supports their automotive clients by incorporating the standards within our processing. DECO knows documentation and communication are critical items to support any coating challenges or changes. 


  1. Quality Assurance.  Ensures automotive parts conform to customer requirements.  

2. Consistency. Validates continuity amongst suppliers and second tier support functions.

3. Supply Chain Confidence. Provides stability and instills confidence throughout suppliers and builds customers assurance.

4. Regulatory Compliance. Compliance and adherence with safety and environmental regulations.

Interested in our OEM or Assembly Parts Coating Solutions? Give us a call or send us a message here.