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Transportation Coatings


Transportation Coatings

Quality transportation coatings are critical because they provide protection and enhancement for various vehicles and equipment. Coatings applied correctly and in a controlled environment have the ability to help prevent corrosion, abrasion, weathering, and UV damage, as well as improve the appearance, identity, functionality, and safety of transportation products. 


While DECO does not paint the transportation unit itself (car, truck, rail), we do support transportation needs by painting the undercarriage, axles, wheel hubs, suspension kits, aftermarket upgrades, and other assemblies that make up the transportation unit.

Reverse Engineering efforts include understanding the project and specifications: substrate and outcome desired. DECO will then tailor a system and process with a proposed cost to execute the work. This is an exclusive delivery of DECO Coating Nerds! With antiquated specifications and discontinued methods, you need a trusted partner to execute the work no matter your needs and parts.

DECO provides specialty coatings for the transporation industry for such things as chassis and suspension kits.

Areas of Transportation Industry Serviced:
  • Heavy Trucks
  • Intermodal Chassis
  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
Previous DECO Coatings Transportation Coatings Projects Include:
  • EV Support
  • Chassis Leaf Springs
  • Suspension Kits
  • Coil Springs
  • Landing Gear
  • Chassis Components
  • Ladder bars



Liquid transportation coatings are an option! Weight and complexity of the part may be too cumbersome for a powder application, thus a liquid crossover may offer more color options, adhesion to pre-primed parts or directly to metal, and higher mil thickness for more durability. Also, the ease of touch up during and after final assembly is an added value to the builder. Another positive aspect to this is that liquid improves color consistency between transportation part suppliers. 

DECO works with many builders to liquid coat all the individual components/parts to deliver a uniformed finish. That being said, inventory management is an important added value of DECO services as we can accommodate inventory ahead of production schedule to coat and ship parts per production build.

“We are very integrated into this area of the coatings industry now, so our customers keep coming back to us for repeat projects because we are so diligent in maintaining our quality projects and great reputation.”

Kirby South – Project Engineer Manager

Interested in our Transportation Industry Coating Solutions? Give us a call or send us a message here.