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How DECO Provides Services for OEM in Manufacturing

DECO provides liquid coatings for OEM in automotive manufacturing, which is a niche industry that require extensive experience and proof of work. DECO is an extension to the manufacturing process by applying final finished to manufactured metals. This includes collaboration through the design phase by recommending materials specified and incorporating lesson learns from DECO best practices.


In the discovery phase, we work closely with customers to understand the coatings specified, schedules, and complexity of part design for coating. Often coatings specified are no longer available on or off the market due to old specifications or regulatory changes in the coatings manufactured. Also, color numbers may vary across suppliers, so DECO must construct color drawdowns in order to verify color appearance and sheen. Over the years, DECO has built strong relationships with our material suppliers so that we may offer substitutions or value-added alternatives to procure the coatings for application. 

In first article mockups, we apply an “X-cut” to validate the coating mil thickness.

Once the coatings are finalized, we begin to understand the schedule expectations from part manufacturing, to coatings, to final assembly. We identify any critical issues that may affect schedule delays which could include material lead times to final cure of coatings after application. After this stage, materials and schedules are agreed, and DECO proceeds with first article mockups. 


First article mockups are required to validate DECO means and methods that will meet coating specifications. Given the part complexity, the coating system may need to be altered, or the application means may need changed to apply the coating properly to the part substrate. Mockups are a great opportunity to discover these critical answers and verification. DECO will test coating adhesion by means of X-cuts and validate coating mil thickness. Mockups are returned to the customer for final approval as appearance or mil thickness may vary. Once mockups and pricing are approved, DECO proceeds to the execution stage.   


Customers give DECO a color sample, and DECO matches that to liquid coating manufacturing options.

The name of this stage sounds so ominous, but it is quite the opposite. This is where all the preparation comes together to create the final work of art! In the Execution Phase, traceability is a key component. Once the parts are shipped, DECO tags each box/crate/bundle shipment to verify boxes received to listed on customer packing slips. Discrepancies of over/under shipments, counts, or condition of shipment are documented through verbal and written methods. The tags stay with the items coated through the prep, coating, and repacking activities. With each job order being so unique in nature, DECO can customize this traceability method to suit the customer’s needs. Reports documenting climatic conditions, prep, and coating conditions are constructed per specification requirement and batch run. Schedule milestones are identified and weekly communication (if not daily) communication of inventory in process is also clearly communicated. Any problems or potential schedule impacts are brought to the attention of the customer immediately.


DECO has a unique ability to offer extended warehouse storage to help control inventory demands. With changing build plans and forecasts, keeping your painted parts offsite may free up valuable manufacturing space within your facility. Flexibility of space allows DECO to offer controlled or outside storage.  DECO facility is completely gated and secured with alarm monitoring. Shared inventory tables are at your disposal to know exactly how much or which part are in stock and in process, keeping our customers in the loop throughout the entire process, including the warehousing process (if utilized).