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Focus Is On “SAFETY in Work Zones” During NWZ Awareness Week

National Work Zone Awareness Week was observed across the Unites States last week, with a focus on the public using extra awareness and safety measures while driving past or through work zone areas. Since the Covid19 crisis, however, work zone awareness is something of a rapidly expanding topic and concern. So, with this is mind, let’s take a look at how work zone safety areas are changing and expanding.

DECO Coatings continues to bring solutions and innovative thinking with fresh ideas on how to improve work zone safety. What is our company solution to Work Zone safety? Well, we have a number of solutions, but our focus at the moment is Shop Coatings considering the needs around Covid19, which has highlighted the need for safety in work zones.

“Safety in all work zones should be our consistent focus and we should be vigilant for constant improvement opportunities”

Janet South – President Deco Coatings

While Work Zone Awareness is typically thought of as public traffic areas (i.e. streets and sidewalks), there is another Work Zone Awareness – COVID19.  DECO Coatings provides innovative changes to all Work Zone Awareness areas that have industrial coating application needs. A significant number of those needs revolve around health and social distancing which can be taken care of by utilizing a controlled shop environment. 

There are more reasons to choose Shop Coatings than simply for health and safety issues like we are facing at the moment throughout the world…

  • The preparation and application in shop coatings have a more uniform and consistent
  • It is much easier to identify missed or light areas
  • Curing takes place before weather events (rain, dew, low temperatures) can negatively impact the coating material
  • Work Zone Traffic is reduced which provides a safer working environment thus a reduction in worker injury

Projects that can use shop coating application with minimal on site touch up are ideal for new and (certain) rehab projects. The number of Work Zone workers are reduced, as well as time needed to do the work. Also, there is increased efficiency which reduces Work Zone injuries. Each of these outcomes benefit everyone…especially the workers and their families.

Conclusion: Shop Coatings provide the best benefit to workers, the public, customers, and end users as an alternate to field applications when there is an option to utilize shop coatings in lieu of field application. Yes, it is generally the best decision when it comes to process, but it is always the best option when it comes to coatings that can be applied pre-field and times like we are in now where health and social distancing are a necessity.