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How DECO Coatings Is Reducing Safety Risk Using The CombiLift

BY KIRBY SOUTH              

              At DECO Coatings we strive to accommodate our customer’s needs while maintaining a safe working environment. Our state of the art climate controlled facility leads the way for industry standards and we guarantee exceptional services from blasting to urethanes.

DECO’s growth created a need for a fork truck with a larger holding capacity and greater efficiency.  We carefully researched options and selected the COMBILIFT fork truck due to their design quality, health and safety standards, and environmental concerns. DECO’s recent investment in a CombiLift has enabled us to complete jobs faster and safer than before.

Recently, CombiLift was put to the test on a project for a major pharmaceutical company’s expansion.  Heavy, awkward, assembled piping that was a challenge to move before, was easily transported with this new fork truck. Safety risks were significantly minimized because of the CombiLift’s low center of gravity, which gives it better balance and considerably reduces instability during lifting and transport.  Time and energy were saved thanks to its easy maneuverability with full loads: the wheels can turn independently of the body. The weight capacity for the model CombiLift selected by DECO Coatings is 17,000 lbs., which has further increased our efficiency.  There is no margin for error in delivering asset protection with infrastructure coatings in the pharmaceutical, food, water, and energy plants we work for.  DECO Coatings continues to over deliver and under promise by making sure company assets benefit our customers and community.  Thanks to CombiLift, we have a better support system to load, move, and unload the steel piping for such a major project.

At DECO Coatings we recognize how essential our customers have been to the success of our company and vow to continue our support. Our hope is to guarantee the safety of our fellow citizens by using the best tools and people for all of our jobs.