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Laura Blechl, of DECO Coatings, Gains NACE Coating Inspector Level 1

DECO is proud to add another certification to our continually growing roster of accomplishments and certificates! Laura Blechl, Executive Director of Business, is now certified as a NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 — Certified.

JANET SOUTH – Deco Coatings President

Congrats to our Team Member, Laura, for continuing to show excellence and continuing to offer our customers greater satisfaction is the coatings industry. Let me explain why this is such a great certification to have and what it means for our company as well as our customers.

What is NACE?

NACE is the international corrosion authority. “NACE equips society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion” (NACE website).

What is NACE Level 1?

CIP Level 1 encompasses the technical and practical fundamentals that are the guidelines for coating inspection. NACE International Institute (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) provides certifications that focus on public safety and protect the environment while reducing the impact of corrosion on an environmental and economic level. CIP Level 1 is all about the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection. A prerequisite to the course requires that a person have years of knowledge and application of coating materials as well as techniques for surface preparation. The certification is designed for Coating Inspectors responsible for performing and documenting basic and non-destructive inspections of liquid coatings applied by brush, roller, or spray to steel surfaces.

Why did DECO choose NACE?

NACE is the go-to for industry standards, reports, publications, and technical journals. NACE also develops and executes legislative strategies centered on member policy issues.

Does the certification allow DECO to do larger jobs?

Yes! Having a NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 Certification expands opportunities for us in the federal marketplace. Government specifications for coating most metals rely on NACE and SSPC standards. DECO has deep affiliations with both.

What does this all mean for DECO?

This broadens streams of potential revenue within the private and public sectors. DECO complies with contract specifications for metals and infrastructure that are explicit when defining the standards for anti-corrosive requirements. NACE and SSPC language are key to the selection of who is eligible to participate. Having a full-time inspector puts DECO as an active player for those contract opportunities.

How does this place DECO ahead of competitors?

Since few companies have a full-time inspector, it ranks DECO in an exclusive vendor shortlist. DECO is proud to be called the “Coating Nerds Who Love to Watch Paint Dry!”