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Steel Coatings: Practical Or Pretty, You Can Have Both

“Industrial coatings”, “corrosion-resistant”, “anti-corrosive”, and “corrosion prevention” are all terms used when discussing protection of metal surfaces. The benefits of these coatings ensure metal components have the longest lifespan possible. Each surface has individual needs that are addressed by different coatings and applications. At DECO we specialize in metal coatings, and not simply because of protection we provide, but also because we can make it pretty.

Purdue University Ross-Ade Stadium Lights were coated for protection and aesthetics by DECO Coatings in our 24//7 climate-controlled Drive Thru and Drop warehouse.


Industrial coatings are paint products typically defined by protective properties and that are engineered specifically for their protective and functional properties. This means that there are many types of coatings that target certain needs and that provide specialized protection. Corrosion resistant coatings protect metal against degradation in harsh environments such as salt/chlorine/waste water, chemicals, and humidity to name a few. Industrial coatings provide added protection of metal surfaces for a variety of needs (i.e. abrasion resistance, non-stick performance, chemical protection, etc). The list of applications is quite extensive.   


Coatings can provide aesthetic components as well. Although the primary focus is to preserve the item that lies beneath in a specific way, the secondary focus is beauty. With the technology and skill sets we possess, DECO Coatings is able to provide customers with the option to maintain surface color as well as overall structural beauty.

“Often times, companies will need to color code specific areas to identify process piping, safety areas, hazardous areas and such.”

-Janet South, President of DECO Coatings

DECO applies coatings in the field and our climate-controlled shop setting.   From touch up on nuts/bolts/welds; structural steel; water treatment plants; transportation facilities; CARC coatings – if it is metal, we are coating nerds who love to watch paint dry.  Even when you see places like Disneyland or Six Flags, those bright colored roller coasters need many types of protective assets such as UV (to slow the color fade from sun exposure) and outdoor weather protection (weather elements). We do these types of coatings on amusement parks, sport facilities, and other major structures and pieces.

Coating application is typically the smallest part of the work although proper application requires expert knowledge, experience, and skill.  Preparation is painstaking and detailed to create the correct surface conditions for the coating application. 

The goal is to extend the life of steel via asset protection without sacrificing the aesthetics. At DECO, we believe in creating more than providing more than protective coatings; we believe in providing beautiful coatings with long-lasting protection.