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Welcoming Paul Klahn to Crossings on DECO Campus

Paul Klahn, instructor at DECO Campus.

DECO Coatings would like to take this moment to share some insight into our newest member of the team, Paul Klahn, instructor at the Crossing.

Having committed instructors is the foundation of any educational system. We understand and preach that. DECO operates from the idea that whether you are off to school or off to work, pre-planning is done at micro and macro levels. By the time students or workers arrive, a plan must be in place to get everyone rowing in sync.   

Gaining new members of the team

DECO Coatings is excited to have Crossing instructor Paul Klahn as the hands-on instructor at DECO Campus.  Paul is former United States Navy who served our country with honor and pride.  Paul knows safety and is committed to a maintaining a safe work environment.  He also learned a thing or two about high-performance coatings while prepping and painting on the USS Enterprise. 

“After meeting Paul and discussing his passion for teaching high level trade skills to youth, it was a natural match for our company. DECO’s dedication to train those for future trades is highlighted through our partnership with Crossroads.”

— Janet South, President, DECO Coatings

How Paul got involved with mentoring…

After Paul’s service in the Navy he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, like many other military veterans. However, Paul did know that he wanted to be able to help people in some way. He got involved in the military ministry (Anchor House Ministries), dedicated to helping and mentoring young men. During his time with the ministry, Paul pulled from his experience in the military, focusing on instilling values that matter such as honor, courage, and commitment.

Paul is a living example of investing in the lives of others as he has taken on the role of an instructor for Crossing. We are excited and proud to have Paul teaching the young minds on DECO Campus. Everyone, meet Paul Klahn!