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Why Some Businesses Must Remain Open During Covid19

DECO Coatings Continues to Be Thought Leaders in Safety Protocol As They

Protect Infrastructure Amid Covid19 Quarantine

A well-meaning friend recently spoke with me about why my company was still working during a time when the government is warning everyone to stay at home.  After all, companies like mine and others who continue to work are exposing others by staying in the workforce. 

It still didn’t sink in with my friend after I explained that we are in Federal Critical Infrastructure category, which means we are providing Essential Business to benefit the public. Amazed at my friend’s continued push back, I asked them the following questions: 

  • Do you go to the grocery or pharmacy?
  • Do you expect your electric, gas, and water/wastewater to work?
  • Do you expect gas stations to be open?
  • Do you expect health care facilities to stay open?
  • How about those to depend on food banks to eat? 

The reply from my friend was a resounding “YES!”  After sharing a brief overview of how supply chain works, from the logistics for processing raw materials, to processing, to manufacturing and production, to packaging and distribution, shipping, etc, she began to understand.  All of those stages require people working each step of the way. 

“Much of the general public does not understand why some of their neighbors and friends continue to work when we are being told to stay home. DECO Coatings is providing Essential Business Operations to benefit the public, so we are working diligently to protect ourselves and workforce while battling a shortage of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper.”

Janet South – President Deco Coatings

As a service provider for necessary and Federal infrastructure, DECO must remain open. And in order to remain open, we must adhere to the strictest health and protection guidelines. We are in new and unprecedented times in our world, and being responsible citizens and business owners is our duty to our customers and the public.

Yes, there are businesses that must remain open and fully operating. Yes, there are issues we must tackle as a company remaining open during Covid19 and future health/pandemic events. And yes, we understand the value of ingenuity and creativity in order to continually improve processes—even if that means improving our interaction with social distancing on job sites.